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  • Which 90s hair accessory should make a comeback?

Which 90s hair accessory should make a comeback?

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Grip clip vs. zigzag headband: which is your favorite?

It's the battle of the 90's! Controversial the first time around, it's creating an even bigger stir now. So, who wins this retro Match the Look battle – the comb or the clip?

The stretch comb

So it looks like the stretchy comb is back in vogue. Anthony Turner, the head honcho hairstylist at Prabal Gurung certainly thinks so and thus it appeared out of nowhere on the catwalk this February in New York!

The style: Model Sarah Brannon carries it off with aplomb on the runway for Prabal Gurung's show. Still tricky to wear and take off , it's worth the effort for the sleek, casually chic style they bring!

The hairstyle: In this case, the comb is being worn as part of a slick, drawn back style. It's almost invisible. The bun also adds a hint of class.

What the editors say: This look is definitely growing on us, now that it's here to stay!

The grip clip

So practical, so easy yet so clunky! Who hasn't had a grip clip in their accessories selection at some stage? Whatever you want to call it – the banana clip, the grip, the claw, the X clip – thanks to Alexander Wang's show it's back.

The style: Alexander Wang's custom-made sliver clips are pretty cool. Hard to come by, you'll have to make-do with the high street copies which might not quite have the same kudos but will have you looking avant-garde!

The hairstyle: Combine that gripping claw clip with neatly, tightly set back hair. Just sit it on top of the bun and presto – you'll be updating what you thought was a long gone accessory to something contemporary.

What the editors say: You know how things are so uncool they then become cool again? Yes, this is it.

So who is victorious? The born again cool clip or the stretchy comb-in?

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