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  • Updo: High bun vs low bun

Updo: High bun vs low bun

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High bun or low bun? You decide!

The bun. A hairstyle classic and a go-to style for anyone with mid-length to long hair. But how do you prefer yours? Whisked up into a messy high ensemble of hair, or smoothed back, down and around into a low classy look? Vote here on Match the Look!

Take the high road: the high bun

The hairstyle: A three-in-one look, you can elongate your silhouette, draw attention to the face and keep hair out of your eyes in one fell swoop with this marvelously messy twist on a ballerina bun.

Styling: To style, tie your hair into a high ponytail using an elastic of a similar color to your hair. Then, use a finger to twist the hair around itself until it starts to coil naturally and form a bun shape. When it does, tuck the ends into the elastic underneath the hair to hide them. It's a super fast look that can be achieved anywhere in just a few seconds.

What the editors say: The bonus of this look is that flyaways don't matter, they simply add to the romantic, nymph-like nature of the style. But, while this look is not about total control, it does require that your hair have some natural volume so as not to fall flat against the head. We recommend the Pro Fiber haircare collection, available for different hair types and concerns, which gives full-bodied, strong-feeling hair.

How low can you go? The low bun

The hairstyle: A very city-girl-on-the-go style, the smooth low bun is a savior for windy days, business meetings, last-minute dinners and anytime you need to quickly change looks and keep your hair out of your eyes. Plus, even those with a long bob can get in on the action.

Styling: Use a comb to smooth the hair into a center part, then down and behind your ears, before tying your hair into a ponytail at the nape of your neck. Take the ends of the hair and curl them underneath the ponytail and tuck into the elastic. Pull through until the hair is secured in a low bun.

What the editors say: Whether your hair is naturally super smooth or frizzy, you'll need hairspray for this look. We recommend Infinium Pure from L'Oréal Professionnel, a light yet powerful hypoallergenic spray that experts use backstage at Fashion Weeks around the world!

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