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  • Ultra long – deep brown vs. baby blond

Ultra long – deep brown vs. baby blond

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Deep brown or baby blonde? You decide!

Are you ready for the latest Match the Look? Today's choice is a tricky one, it's all about lovely long hair. But are you team Brunette or on the Blonde squad? Vote here!

Deep brunette beauty

The color: Sultry dark chocolate is a delicious color that immediately adds a sense of mystery and glamour. The brunette tones give shine and depth to the hair, no matter how it is styled.

The hairstyle: Long brunette hair? Show it off by letting it loose! Long hair always needs extra care, so ensure you're conditioning with a mask once a week to maintain that color radiance and healthy shine. Getting your ends cut blunt can also be a way to subtly update your brunette hair.

What the editors say: Brunette hair colors have been all over our Instagram feeds recently, with mouthwatering combinations from gingerbread latte to cinnamon swirl! Deep chocolate is a classic shade, and a particular favorite.

Baby blond locks

The color: We'll try to avoid the cliché, but blondes really do have an optimistic energy about then. Forget brassy undertones or dated honey highlights, this season it's all about long baby blond locks: cute, carefree and youthful.

The hairstyle: Because blond hair (especially when long) can dry out and weaken easily, it's important you maintain its strength by applying a serum after washing. To prevent brassiness, ask your stylist about INOA Blond Resist hair color, specifically formulated to prevent orange tones from developing. When it comes to the ends, a feathered effect adds to the nonchalant, almost ethereal look.

What the editors say: Our go-to product for showing off blond hair is a hair oil like Huile Originale from the Mythic Oil collection. Just apply a few drops to the palms of your hands and spread down the lengths. Hair looks shiny and healthy, but not greasy!

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