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Trend alert: Korean style see-through bangs

Have you heard of see-through bangs, yet another hair styling trend that's travelled over from Korea? Here's what it is, and whether you should have you own hair snipped...

What are see-through bangs?

You know those thick, blunt bangs that end just at the eyebrow level and show off your eyes? Well, imagine a stylist took a pair of scissors to them and made them piecey enough to be able to see your forehead through. And there you have Korean style see-through bangs!

Benefits of piecey bangs

These Korean style see-through bangs have the same advantages as blunt, thick bangs – they add structure to your face and show off the eyes –while also showing a bit of your forehead and softening the overall appearance of the face. Yes, you'll have to get them cut regularly to keep them at the right length, but it'll only take a few minutes once every couple of weeks. While blunt bangs look best on thick hair, this piecey alternative is a great choice for thinner hair types.

How to style see-through bangs

Straight see-through bangs actually look great alongside subtle long waves. To avoid your bangs from getting greasy quickly, use a dry shampoo on the roots and comb through. We love the Morning After Dust from Tecni.ART, which instantly revives hair and soaks up excess grease. Plus, it has a delicious scent that lasts for up to 24 h!

Are you tempted to try the see-through bangs trend?

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