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The high bun

The high bun, a modern and rebellious version of the ballerina bun, has become a new classic. Whether it be impeccably pinned or messy, it lengthens the silhouette and emphasizes a graceful posture.

The ballerina bun loosens up

Achieving the delicate allure of a prima ballerina is now possible. A wave of modern buns over the last few seasons on the catwalks, contemporary versions of the classic chignon, have made the dream a reality. The high bun, or top-knot, is the new ballerina bun, the new go-to hairstyle, the new timeless look.

A versatile bun for on-stage and in real life!

This ponytail wrapped around itself, either tightly or loosely, is perfect for any occasion, and suits all face shapes. It's probably why celebrities, including new top model on everybody's lips, Kendall Jenner, are crazy about the top knot - not only in their everyday lives, but also on the red carpet. FYI, our hairstyle ambassador Denis Holbecq at L'Oréal Professionnel specifies that this "confident look provides softness to square-shaped faces and is ideal on wavy blond hair." You heard it here first!

Don't shun the bun

Despite its apparent simplicity, the bun requires a good technique, notably when it comes to making sure the pins are tucked away invisibly in your hair, which must be both asymmetric and well-centered on the crown of your head. Don't trust styles that are falsely-tousled, there's no secret to them, any professional will tell you that!

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