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The best platinum blonde hair color for you

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Platinum blonde hair color used to only be for the truly brave, but these days there are so many different tones available that anyone can give platinum hair a go!

Here's how to find the best platinum hair color depending on your skin tone, hairstyle and personal preferences, as well as how to care for your newly-colored hair.

What is platinum blonde?

Platinum blonde is the lightest, whitest shade of blonde you can go without actually having white hair. That said, platinum is far more than just a very, very pale shade of yellow. Like regular blonde and brunette shades, platinum comes in cool, neutral and warmer shades. Some examples of different platinum hues include: silver, grey-blue, opalescent, champagne, white gold, pale strawberry, light ash and so on.

Remember, when it comes to platinum hair color, you will need to have you hair lightened, even if you are naturally blonde. There is no way to go truly platinum without lifting the base color.

Matching your platinum to your skin tone

The most flattering shade of platinum is one that matches the tones in your skin: cool, warm or neutral. This is not about your skin color: dark, olive and light skin can all have cool or warm hues. Ask your colorist to diagnose your skin tones in order to choose the most flattering platinum shade.

In general, those with a cool skin tone suit metallic platinum blonde hair colors like icy blue and silver, as well as ashy pale blonde shades. Neutral skin tones (when you lie half-way between cool and warm) can rock any platinum pigments, while warm-toned skin looks best with light rosy blonde, pale strawberry and bright honey hues.

How to wear and style platinum hair: the short trend

While, in the Fifties, platinum-colored hair was worn in long, Hollywood waves, these days it's all about platinum blonde short haircuts. From a slick blunt bob to an extreme pixie cut, or even a pompadour with its shaved sides, platinum hair isn't afraid of the clippers.

When it comes to styling platinum blonde short haircuts, ensure you're equipped with the best styling products. For an on-trend urban matte finish on short hair (that can be reworked and restyled to your heart's content) try the Depolish paste by Tecni.ART, available in an exclusive format designed by the world-famous artist Stuart Semple to celebrate the brand's 25th birthday!

Daring or discreet: Platinum for all personalities

It goes without saying that big personalities were born for bold platinum blonde hair, but there are techniques that will make your hair stand out even more! Think platinum blonde with colorful highlights, rebellious dark shadow roots to add contrast, or hair that is such a silvery hue that it borders on grey depending on the light.

For those who prefer a more subtle look, or who are looking for a platinum hairstyle that's more suited to a professional environment, how about a platinum blonde ombre, where blonde/light brown hair gradually lightens into bright platinum tips? Or, ask your stylist about the new Strandlighting technique, where very thin sections of hair are lightened using a palette of complementary colors which give a natural sunkissed finish. By incorporating platinum into these highlights, you can subtly lift your hair color and test out a more discreet platinum blonde hair color. Plus, the grow-out is almost seamless!

How to care for platinum blonde hair

Lightening your hair, especially if you choose a platinum shade, can leave it dry and brittle, which in turn causes flyaways, frizz and dullness. To prevent this, use nourishing haircare products specifically formulated for colored blonde hair. We recommend the Lumino Contrast collection from Serie Expert, which includes a shampoo, masque, serum and spray, all for colored and highlighted hair.

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