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  • Sun's out, (space) buns out! A festival hair favourite

Sun's out, (space) buns out! A festival hair favourite

The best thing about festival season is that anything goes! Let your creative genius flow and update your style with space buns.


Let some fun into your life with these fun buns. Festival season is all about the lightness of being, letting loose and getting creative.

Buns are also really versatile and can be worn high on top of the head, made from ponytails or plaits, or worn low below the head for a more demure look. There's also the multitude of mini-buns inspired by Bjork's famous 90's look or another version known as 'bantu' knots. Whatever your bun type – wear it proudly!

And, let's face it, buns are the perfect solution to keep your hair in check while you dance the night away, and still look good after a few days partying, even if your hair hasn't had the TLC it deserves.

Accessorize darling

To make those buns even more fun, pack in the accessories. Whether you choose 70s style shades for a hippy look, or 80s style elastic bands (or dare we suggest mini-scrunchies?) there's a whole host of options.

Want to rave it up? Add in neon bands for a club style, or just dare and funk up the color all over. is the just the thing for a short term color pop, so you can go as wild as you want to, and wash it out when it's time to head back to the office.

Remember, remember...

Summer sun is glorious but you'll need to take extra care. L'Oréal Professionnel's Serie Expert Solar Sublime 2 is ideal for sun damagaed hair. Perfect protection, it's also got a UV shield. Try Solar Sublime After-Sun Nourishing Shampoo after the festival, chlorine, sand and sun sessions, and see its moisturizing and refreshing effect.

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