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Shadow roots: where do you lie on this hair color spectrum?

Shadow roots are definitely a "thing", but how much shadow is right for you?

A peek of natural color

It's time to stop panicking at the slightest hint of your natural color emerging from the hair line: natural is in! Play with your new, carefree color with piecey waves and a mid-length cut that evoke fun and sun-soaked days at the beach. Scrunch damp hair with the Beach Waves styling spray by Wild Stylers to create effortless piecey waves.

Half 'n' half hair color

Make your visible roots a part of your entire look with half-half hair color. When your natural shade has grown to ear-length, style the hair in a sleek, shiny long bob to add a playful element to your day-to-day look. For extra shine, use the Mythic Oil shampoo and hair masks from L'Oréal Professionnel, with options for different hair types, followed by a few drops of the Huile Originale from the Mythic Oil collection along the lengths and ends when dry to really bring out the color contrasts.

A seamless blond blend

What if, instead of letting your natural color grow out, you tried a darker, but still natural-looking shade at the top, followed by a brighter blond on the lengths and ends? This style offers a subtler way of trying a new hair color, such as the popular beige blond or cool ash, which both look great paired with more platinum shades. Remember to stick with shades that have the same tones: cool + cool or warm + warm.

Where roots meet balayage

Use your root regrowth to introduce a balayage, where golden highlights are hand-painted onto your hair, transitioning subtly into golden, sun kissed ends. Ask your L'Oréal Professionnel hair colorist about Smartbond, a strengthening system that protects the hair during and after color treatment, to ensure hair stays voluminous and healthy-looking.


So, where do you want to be on this on-trend color spectrum?

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