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Root touch-ups: when to re-color your hair

When roots start to show on colored hair, we all ask ourselves the same question: "to touch-up or not to touch-up, that is the question". Both sides (to color or wait a while) have arguments in their favor. But today there is a third alternative, offering you a period of respite if you so choose...

As far as hair coloration goes, the question of roots and touch-ups has always been a little...touchy. Within a week of coloring, a few millimeters of natural hair color already appear and, soon after that, the difference becomes visible.

If we wait between visits to the salon, whether hair is highlighted, completely or partially colored, the darker or lighter roots keep on coming, while we ask ourselves what to do about them. But there's good news! It is now possible to let them grow out a little, giving us more time without sacrificing our style, thanks to a new generation of "makeup for hair".

Visible roots: where is the limit?

Popular hair colors, called "bicolor", like dip-dye and ombré, which often give the impression of XXL roots, have clearly modernized the notion of what beautiful hair color is. These days, uniform hair color is no longer the definition of a successful look. However, the question of what to do with roots has not completely disappeared, even with this evolution.

Many professionals prefer hair color that changes from the roots to the tips, for a more subtle and natural look. However, it's difficult to maintain a light and fluid color blend that looks natural, once you've passed a certain length. The moment your roots mark a clear difference, and it is no longer possible to camouflage them with a side part, it's time to act. But how?

Between two colorings? The Hair Touch Up solution by L'Oréal Professionnel

If you have an unmissable event the day before your visit to the hair salon to re-do your roots, or just don't have the time to book one, don't panic. L'Oréal Professionnel has just developed a revolutionary product that's half color, half makeup (yes, the description reminds us of Hair Chalk!) to cover your roots: Hair Touch Up.

This pigmented spray, which covers 100% of roots, is available in 4 custom-made shades: black, chestnut, light brown and ash blonde. Whether we use it to avoid spending too much time in the salon, or to cut down on time, this hybrid product is a lifesaver, allowing us to cheat discreetly and giving us time to book an appointment with a hair colorist.

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