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  • Pick your parting: the lob - to the side or straight down the line?

Pick your parting: the lob - to the side or straight down the line?

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Battle of the bobs

Sometimes you have to choose which side you're on. So, where's your parting line going to sit? Straight down the middle or down the side-line? Vote now!

Straight down

The style: It's so classic that some might say it's a little too safe but, remember this, it's very versatile and gives great balance to any look – framing the face contour and giving everything that satisfying graphic stability.

The hairstyle: Worn with a classic mid-length bob you can do no wrong. Add some natural movement with L'Oréal Professionnel Tecni.ART's new Dual Stylers range. The 2 in 1 blow-dry gel-cream gives that perfect blow-dry look so you can achieve the neat middle parting and smooth hair for the ultimate chic look! Add Sleek and Swing Gel-Cream for gorgeous natural and fluid movement. No frizz and plenty of light!

What the editors say: We love a good classic, so the middle parting is an easy choice. Feminine and low risk, it's perfect for any occasion.

To the side

The style: A little quirky, a little funky. This side parting combined with slick hair and a simple slide scream 'geek chic'. Are you ready to rock it?

The hairstyle: To get the sleek, high-shine look that makes this style what it is, be sure to keep your hair looking vibrant and healthy. Try L'Oréal Professionnel Power Mix Base in salon treatment for some serious hair care. Thanks to its Micellar technology activated when the base and the additive meet and mix, it's a bespoke treatment for your hair, mixed by your stylist for you and only you. One dose of Powermix BASE is applied with a spatula or brush and mixed into a creamy solution to leave on for 5 minutes after your shampoo and towel dry. Then rinse and you're good to go!

What the editors say: Channel your inner city slicker without a strand out of place and embrace glossy chic hair with an edge.

So where will your parting sit this season?

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