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Natural shampoo: 7 reasons to adopt it

Natural haircare is perhaps one of the biggest beauty trends at the moment. But while there are a multitude of lists online featuring "must-try" shampoos and conditioners, there remains a surprising lack of clear information on why we should actually be going vegan and natural on our hair.

What is natural haircare?

Put simply, natural haircare products, just as with their skincare equivalents, use only natural ingredients. Why? With recent advances in science, we're learning that the endless synthetic (man-made) chemicals added to most shampoos and conditioners are not great for our skin or the environment. With a rising preference for home-made and artisanal products, eco-conscious consumers are increasingly choosing natural alternatives when it comes to haircare.

Top tip: Regardless of what the label says, always double-check on the ingredients list to ensure you're really getting a natural and vegan product. Look for beneficial ingredients such as amino acids, natural oils (e.g. sunflower oil, argan oil and coconut oil) and glycerin, all contained in the new Source Essentielle shampoo range.

Seven reasons to choose a natural and vegan shampoo

1. Strengthen thinning hair

Natural essential oils can help improve hair quality and density, with rosemary and lavender at the top of the list. Research suggests that rosemary oil boosts blood circulation, while lavender oil promotes strong hair growth.

2. Soothe an irritated scalp

A sensitive scalp can become irritated and flaky due to the build-up of synthetic chemicals. Natural ingredients, however, have been shown to have beneficial effects on inflamed skin - such as tea tree oil, which reduces dandruff, and rosemary oil, which has been shown as effective against certain fungi and bacteria. To get the full benefits of an oil, gently massage your organic shampoo into the scalp with your fingertips before rinsing.

3. Hydrate dry hair

The chemicals that cause your shampoo to foam can strip the hair of its natural oils and dry out the hair, resulting in frizz and flyaways. Almond and argan oils are reputed for their nourishing properties, covering the fiber with a moisture-sealing coat that also gives hair a healthy shine.

4. Boost your natural color

As well as drying out the hair, chemicals can cause hair color to fade and look lackluster. Certain natural oils, however, can enhance your natural color. Blondes should opt for chamomile oil, brunettes for sage, and redheads for carrot. Henna is also a popular ingredient for red hair, but always consult a professional beforehand, especially if applying over already-dyed hair.

5. Avoid potentially dangerous chemicals

The major ingredients to avoid are parabens, synthetic colors and fragrances, sodium lauryl sulfate / sodium laureth sulfate (a natural alternative is sodium lauroyl sarcosinate -which can be found in the Radiance shampoo), formaldehyde and toluene. By opting for a shampoo that includes majoritarily natural ingredients, you can ensure you're not applying potentially harmful chemicals to your scalp and hair.

6. Support the environment

With many countries disposing of waste water directly into the ocean, think about what chemicals you're washing down the drain...

Because those who manufacture natural shampoos have an environmentally-conscious approach, a deliberate effort is made to source natural ingredients sustainably and locally where possible, often with recyclable packaging. There are also now some vegan-friendly shampoos on the market!

7. Top quality ingredients

Natural and vegan haircare uses only natural, quality ingredients – it can't hide behind foam-inducers and fake fragrances.

Are you ready to try natural and vegan hair shampoo in your haircare routine? Your hair and the planet will thank you for it!

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