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  • Match the Look – Bangs: Short vs. Long

Match the Look – Bangs: Short vs. Long

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Short or Long bangs?

How will you be wearing your bangs this season? Short and surprising or long and lovely? Perhaps you could start with one and finish with the other!

Short bangs

The hairstyle: Fiercely feminine, short bangs give the face a delicate softness as they expose the forehead while framing the eyes. The three major advantages of short bangs are a) they stand out from the crowd, b) you don't have to worry about constant trims as they grow, and c) they don't get in your eyes!

The style: Ask your hair stylist to give texture to your bangs and pair with long, loose lengths, to give an overall ethereal effect. Keep a wide-toothed comb in your purse for quickly removing any tangles to keep the finish sleek.

What the editors say: We love when this fairy-esque look is worn with an ultra-glamorous outfit, bedecked in sparkles for a surprising contrast. Hair oil like Mythic Oil will make your hair shine and really accentuate those different nuances in your color.

Long bangs

The hairstyle: You could be fooled in to thinking that blunt bangs and jaw-length ends would look severe, but "au contraire"! This super chic hairstyle, a favorite of the stylish Parisienne, thins the face and elongates the neck. Go long bangs !

The style: A few snips from your stylist's scissors can subtly break up the bangs and the tips to avoid a boxy finish.

What the editors say: This example of short bangs that we spotted on the runway uses the angles of the bangs and the length to emphasize the organic lines of the outfit. Keep color bright and shiny for longer by asking for the tone-on-tone Dia Richesse Hi-Visibility Color at your local L'Oréal Professionnel hair salon, which gives a burst of color and subtly fades out over time.

Will you be wearing you bangs short or long...or both?

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