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  • Hikari Mori: sleek vs messy hair

Hikari Mori: sleek vs messy hair

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Hikari Mori: Sleek vs Wavy Hair

Hikari Mori is a Japanese model and actress who looks gorgeous no matter how her hair's styled. However, we're still curious to know which hairstyle of hers you're attracted to most: sleek and super straight, or messy French girl hair?

Sleek straight hair

The hairstyle: Sleek straight hair is very sophisticated and suits nearly anyone, no matter what your hair length is. However, it's best to have at least lob-length or mid-length hair like Hikari to really pull off the style. Your mane is meant to look extra shiny, so smooth shine serum or gel like Fix Max by Tecni.Art from L'Oréal Professionnel from the mid-section of your hair to the ends.

The style: This style is very versatile and can be worn for nearly occasion. However it has a professional feel to it, so it's especially perfect to wear to work. Soften the look by wearing a feminine blouse, like one with a bow.

What the editors say: This hairstyle has the power to make a person look clean-cut and put together. If your hair is naturally straight, you can pull off the look in no time at all; for everyone else, a straightener will become your new best friend!


Messy-on purpose French girl hair

The hairstyle: French girl hair is meant to look slightly disheveled and wavy. To pull off the hairstyle, long bangs are required, as well as shoulder-length hair (or longer) and some high-quality styling products, like Wild Stylers Beach Waves by Tecni.Art. If you want to embrace the true French girl look, ask your hairstylist for a French brown hair color.

The style: This hairstyle is cool, so your clothes should reflect that and look just as fashionable. Leather (or pleather), for example, is always a good option, along with low booties that have a small heel. Put on some red lipstick like Hikari and you're ready for a night out!

What the editors say: French girl hair has been all the rage this past year. It has a laidback allure to it that lets you release your inner rocker chick – it's no wonder this style is so popular!

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