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  • From Paris to Tokyo: #colorfulhair around the world

From Paris to Tokyo: #colorfulhair around the world

From the East to the West, current hair trends all seem to have one thing in common: #colorfulhair!

Paris Style

When it comes to style, the French capital is the go to. So it's no surprise to see that the crowds at Paris Fashion Week, and indeed any other week, are up to date on the latest trends including rocking #colorfulhair.

Gone are the days where French glamour was synonymous with all things classic and chic. Today, whether you're sitting front row or going for street style, it's all about color. So embrace the rainbow, or should we say the 'arc en ciel'?

Tokyo Baby

In Tokyo they know. Yes, they do.

Pushing the boundaries of fashion and style is part of the local DNA. Look to these girls for the latest ground breaking ideas and you know you'll always find something brand new to take your breathe away. Their imagination knows no limits!

L'Oreal Professionnel #colorfulhair was devised for pioneers in the hottest shades around. Whether you prefer the pretty Pink Sorbets to the Hynpnotic Magentas or think you should go for Turquoise over Baby Blues, pick your palette and experiment Tokyo style. And, if you're not the biggest fan of your chosen hue, no worries - #colorfulhair's gentle formula washes out in just 15 shampoos so there's no long term commitment to your choice which means you can be as wild or daring as you please. Go for the brightest, the two-tone or the crazy dip dye without a moment's hesitation!

Color Care

Remember to take care of your coloured hair. Serioxyl Thicker Hair serum is just the thing for glossier, thicker, lush-looking hair. It's really easy to use too. Simply apply to towel-dried hair and massage thoroughly. Dry and style as usual, and you're good to go!

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