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  • From bob to wob, and bronde to lob: a small glossary of hair trends!

From bob to wob, and bronde to lob: a small glossary of hair trends!

Jargon in the world of hairstyle increases every season, full of portmanteau combinations (when parts of two words are joined together) to describe haircuts, colors and styles. In order to stay ahead of the latest trends, you need to know how to speak 'hairstyle'. Don't panic, we've prepared some catch-up help for rook

Stop pulling your hair out while you read the latest beauty column in your favorite magazine: Here's a little update when it comes to hairstyle vocabulary.


Yes, we're starting easy! A bob is not, when talking about hair, a nickname for a man called Robert. It simply describes a short, square, almost boyish cut, compared to a long bob that drops down to your shoulders.


Another easy one... A bun, in this scenario, is not a small loaf of bread. Also known as a chignon (from the French), it is used to describe numerous styles: From the very rounded ballerina bun, to the multiple small buns that were popular in the 90s.


The perfect portmanteau, bronde is the latest on-trend hair color: neither brunette nor blond, but both at the same time!


The 'lob' or long bob, is a bob that barely touches the shoulders. Make sure to remember this one, as it is currently 'the' haircut!


In a hairstyle context, this word is a contraction of "half bun". It also reminds us of the friendly "hey, hon" of the nineties, which are back in fashion's good books.


The "pixie" as Shakespeare probably would never have called it, describes the modern interpretation of a short boy's haircut, even more graphic than Twiggy's iconic style.


A wet-look hairstyle describes a slicked-back look that's been especially popular on the runway and red carpet these past few months. It's this season's must-have hairstyle.


A "wob" is where a bob meets waves and the two produce a... yes, that's right, a wavy bob! Short-haired fashionistas love this loose and airy look.

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