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Cute hairstyles for short hair

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Move over long locks, trends are increasingly focused on hairstyles for short hair; from asymmetric bobs to short ponytails, pixie cuts and even shorter. Let's take a look at some of the best ways to wear short hair, as well as a short prom hairstyle special!

Hairstyles for short curly hair

Curly hair? Here are our three favorite short hairstyles:

1. Short sideswept bob: Make the most of your natural curly volume and go for a bob that doesn't weigh down the curls, sweeping across your forehead in a side part to create an asymmetrical finish.

2. Short sides, top curls: Not quite a mohawk, but still bold, this style really elongates the shape of your face and adds height (great for naturally round-shaped faces). Style using a strong-hold curl definer with a lightweight finish like Bouncy and Tender from Tecni.ART.

3. Classic curly pixie: An oldie but a goodie, the pixie is a short haircut that's low maintenance and great for showing off your bone structure. With such a daring hairstyle, why not go for an equally out-there color like platinum blond or pastel!

Hairstyles for short hair with braids

Here are three ways to work a braid into your short hairstyle:

1. Messy braided crown: If you know how to create a fishtail braid, great! Otherwise you may have to ask a friend or professional for some help. Create two fishtails starting from either side of a center part, and tie together where they meet at the back.

2. Twisted half-up do: Far easier than a fishtail, this one's for the girl on the go. Take two sections of hair from just above each ear and use your finger to twist the hair around itself. Pull to the back and secure together with an elastic or clip.

3. Cornrow braids: Really good cornrows need a professional, and time - but less so on short hair. Once achieved, hair is much easier to manage, and you can also play around with extensions, beads and other accessories.

Hairstyles for short straight hair

There's no less inspiration for straight hair when it comes to short styles...

1. Glossy glass hair: Have you heard about this season's social media must-try trend? Hair so shiny you can almost see your reflection in it! To get the look, try a spritz of a wet-look hairspray like Shower Shine from Wet Domination.

2. Sleek low ponytail: Make the most of your straight hair with a sleek low ponytail that's practical and sophisticated, whatever its length.

3. Side-swept pixie: A textured pixie is ideal for an androgynous, easy to manage style, but it needs the right styling product to avoid looking dated. The Depolish paste by Tecni.ART gives a tousled matte effect with volume and texture that can be reworked whenever you choose.

Cute hairstyles for prom: short hair special!

Is it nearly your prom day, but you're not sure how to style your short hair? Never fear, here are three more styles, but with a little more flair, for the party!

1. Short Hollywood waves: Glossy waves aren't just for long hair - with heated curlers or a hot iron you can create the same finish on a bob or lob. Try the Spiral Queen mousse from the Hollywood Waves collection by Tecni.ART for soft, shiny and defined curls.

2. Bouffant for a bob/lob: Give your hair a boost of volume at the back and channel a retro style with a bouffant. Lift up the top section of hair at the back, and use a comb to gently tease the section beneath. The more you tease, the more volume you create. Smooth the rest of the hair back over and style as you desire.

3. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize: If you hair is super short, you might not have many styling options, but this is a great excuse to accessorize. From floral or metallic headbands, to thick velvet Alice bands and even sparkly tiaras... it's prom night, why not!

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