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Choosing your summer blonde

As summer approaches, it's hard to resist the desire to accelerate the lightening effect of the sun on our hair by a trip to the salon. And why not? Here are five blonde options to inspire you and bring some sunny rays to your hair!

Colored blonde hair has a lot of questions attached to it. Before changing shade, unless you're going darker, sometimes it is necessary to have your hair lightened. To help the professional colorists, and guarantee women an even more radiant finish, L'Oréal Professionnel has added decolorants to its Blonde Studio range, new weapons for your beauty arsenal. New textures, new application tools, new decolorants and active ingredients: everything has been combined to create nuance and personalize your decoloration according to the finish you're after. As the brand launches these new developments, they have also provided five brilliant blonde looks to show your stylist.


If you want to start the summer with barely-lightened locks in order to let the sun do the rest of the work, and not be too fair for fall, a sunkissed look is perfect for you. This hint of sunshine looks just like a shimmer of light, one tone lighter than your natural color, without any visible demarcation. The subtle effect is achieved using very short application times and expert administration of color to the hair, from root to tip.


Sure, bronde is neither brunette nor blond, but it still involves moving from a darker shade to a lighter one, or going "blonde", more or less. We love the light brown shimmer of strategically-placed lighter sections of hair, giving indefinable shine, neither warm nor cool, to the hair. This look is particularly radiant with curls or waves.

White blonde

Is it possible to try platinum blonde without taking any risks? No! That's why this trend is strictly reserved for those who are at the cutting edge of fashion, always willing to take a major risk for a major payoff! To get inspired, have a look at Kim Kardashian's fun run as a platinum blonde last year (fun fact: her color was touched up by L'Oréal Professionnel's French colorist ambassador Frederic Mennetrier). For styling options, consider an on trend wavy bob or style your hair loose and sleek.

Layered highlighting

Highlights, sure, but 2015-style. These days, hairstyle professionals prefer to create an effect that's closer to ombré and sombré styles. The highlights do not travel up to the roots, providing a more natural lightened look, with the demarcation subtly blended into the hair. The layered contrasting effect is still there, but in a softer form that's easier to maintain.


Inspired by the not-so-innocent "baby blonde" look from the fifties and sixties, this effect is for light bases. Between balayage and ombré hair, it brings light and softness to the tips, for a delicately accentuated blonde shade. Combined with retro styling or Hollywood waves, a modern pin-up girl effect is guaranteed!

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