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Bows, we bow down to you!

Who would have thought that a strip of black fabric could be so versatile as a hair accessory! This season, the catwalk has been bursting with bows, and not just any old bow: black ribbons in particular.

Let's take a look at these three examples of how you can wear a bow in different ways to add some sweet drama to your hairstyle.

For the preppy girl: Clip in pony-bow

Give your ponytail some class with a cute black bow clipped just above the base of the ponytail itself. A matte fabric will also bring out a contrast with your super shiny hair – achieved using a few drops of. Rub between your palms and smooth down the lengths and ends before styling your ponytail – the sleeker the better for the ultimate preppy chic!

Top tip: Make sure you don't get any flyaways by spraying your hairspray onto clean palms, then running your hands from the temples, past the ears and down.

For the carefree girl: Braid 'n' Bow

Add glamour to your braid by tying the ends with a shiny black satin bow with long ends that trail down your back for added drama. Ensure the hair doesn't slip loose by giving it some texture before braiding. We recommend the Next Day Hair hairspray from the Wild Stylers hair styling collection.

Top tip: Pull a few sections free from the braid after styling (use a tail comb) to give your look casual, carefree character, perfectly contrasted with the schoolgirl blow that flows down your back.

For the rock chick girl: the unruly bow

Keep voluminous, curly hair in check by tying it back into a loose ponytail – the messier the better. Tie with a clear elastic, then wrap a velvety black ribbon around the bun and secure in a loose bow. Finish with a spritz of strong-hold hairspray like Infinium to prevent any frizz for the ultimate unexpected rock 'n' roll look.

Top tip: Use the Curl Contour leave-in cream by Serie Expert after shampooing and conditioning to get super bouncy, healthy-looking curls, and dry hair with a diffuser attached.

Bows aren't just for Christmas, so add them as a style staple to add a twist of drama to any outfit!

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