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  • Baby fringe: vivid vs. au naturel

Baby fringe: vivid vs. au naturel

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Baby bangs and bob: the magic combo of 2018

It used to be that a baby fringe, aka short bangs, was only for the brave – worn by models and fashionistas usually in daring colors as part of a striking unconventional look.

These days, however, even the more demure among us can pull off the baby fringe with ease, and it doesn't have to be the centerpiece of your look unless you want it to.
The choice is up to you: are baby bangs more effective when paired with quirky colors, or in a more discreet natural shade? Vote here!

Vivid baby fringe

The hairstyle: Baby bangs look their best when cut in a blunt line and worn with an equally blunt bob. Grazing the chin, this length is ideal for framing the face and accentuating cheekbones.

The color: Visible roots, bright pink lengths and dark lowlights, there's no color combination that a baby fringe is afraid of! Ask your L'Oréal Professionnel stylist about the inspiring Colorful Hair temporary hair color collection, and create your own unique palette.

What the editors say: A truly shocking color combination and a blunt haircut make a great pair that ooze confidence, creativity and a certain nonchalance.

Au naturel short bangs

The hairstyle: If you doubted whether short bangs could ever be low-key and cool, here's your answer. By very subtly feathering the bangs, the style instantly looks more natural.
The color: Contrast a blunt cut with natural, glossy tones for a contemporary "au naturel" style that channels your inner Amélie.

What the editors say: Natural-looking sleek shine and swing are the keys to this look. For hair that isn't naturally poker-straight, ask about the in-salon Steampod smoothing treatment Steampod smoothing treatment for results that look like you were born with perfectly smooth hair!

Vivid or natural-looking, the decision is yours...

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