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9 natural ideas to style your hair

Looking for new, natural ways to style and care for your hair?

Over-styled looks with layers of synthetic products are out, it's now all about natural ingredients, accessories and techniques that respect Mother Nature and your hair. Here are ten of the best ways to style and care for your hair in naturally beautiful ways...

1. Lemon juice for blondes

Looking to lighten your hair and work that surfer girl style on vacation? If you already have light brown or blond hair, you don't have to dye it in order to lift it a few shades. Lemon juice is a natural way to add some sunkissed streaks to your hair. Simply add fresh lemon juice (diluted in water) to a spray bottle and spritz over sections of your hair before exposing it to the sun.

2. Henna for brunettes

Would you rather go naturally darker, with rich red undertones? Henna is a natural ingredient used for centuries to darken women's hair. Ensure you use proper, pure henna and always use the instructions to prevent any color mishaps.


3. Carrot and beet for redheads

If you've always wanted to try being a redhead temporarily, you can use carrot and beetroot juice to give copper and red tones to your hair. Use as a rinse or part of a hair mask (rinse after 1 hour) mixed with olive oil, which will give your hair added shine. The more carrot you use, the more orange/copper the result, while beet gives a deeper red tone.


4. Coconut oil pre-styling

Not only is coconut oil great for conditioning dry, damaged hair and skin, but it's also popular when it comes to hair styling as a de-frizzer, especially for thick, coarse hair. Before drying, apply a few drops/pea-sized amount to your palms and run lightly over the top of your head and lengths. Ideal for hairstyles which require a super smooth finish, such as a long sleek ponytail or poker straight lengths.


5. DIY dry shampoo

If your hair gets oily quick, don't fall into the trap of over-washing with harsh cleansers, which can cause your scalp to over-produce oils to compensate for those stripped away. Instead, try making your very own home-made dry shampoo using baking soda, arrowroot or cornstarch with a few drops of essential oils such as patchouli or ylang ylang. Apply to the scalp with a clean make-up brush and massage in with your fingertips.


6. Apple cider vinegar for dandruff

A growing trend, apple cider vinegar is reputed for its ability to cleanse white flakes of dandruff from the scalp, and leave hair shiny and voluminous. Apply diluted to your hair after your shampoo, leave to sit for a few minutes, then rinse out.


7. Avocado & honey mask for oily hair

Mother Nature can also help with dry, damaged hair due to over-styling and/or the environment. Avocado and honey are not only delicious and natural, but are also great for naturally greasy hair types when mixed with olive oil.

8. Pen/chopstick

Let's have a look at some natural styling ideas. The ultimate arty-intellectual-meets-geek-chic look, the simple pen (or chopstick) can be used to twist the hair around itself and pin it in place. Plus, you have the drama of taking it out with a flick and a flourish. Simple, natural and chic!


9. Hippie braid

Braids don't have to be big and chunky, nor remind us of schoolgirl pigtails. Thin versions braided from the temple zone down behind the ear can be a great way to create a carefree hippie vibe. You could even create two that meet and combine at the back.

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