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7 best haircuts for round faces

Woman with round shaped face with long dark blonde hair Young woman with a round face and long brown hair parted in the middle Young woman with a round face and mid-length brown hair parted in the middle Caroline Daur with her blonde hair braided on the side of her head
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So you think you have a round face, and are looking for the best haircut to flatter your features? First things first, you need to be sure about your face shape.

Below you'll find a checklist to help confirm (or disprove) that you have a round-shaped face, followed by a list of the best haircuts for round faces, plus some of our favorite haircare styling products.

Have you got a round-shaped face?

The main different types of face shape are heart, round, oval, long, square and diamond. Not everyone fits neatly into one box, so it's perfectly possible to have a combination face shape: round heart, or round oval, for example. Here are the main characteristics of a classically round-shaped face:

• Your face is widest at the cheekbones.

• Your jaw is rounded.

• Your face is short – you do not have a particularly high forehead or a long chin.

• Your face is not angular/you do not have sharp cheekbones or jaw line.

Does this sound like your face shape? Read on for the most flattering styles and haircuts, from everyday looks to out-there creations!

Long, straight and sideswept

With a round face shape, the goal is to choose a hairstyle that thins the appearance of the face. Long hair does exactly that, elongating your silhouette. Why sideswept? Because the hair that then falls over one side literally covers up a few centimeters of the face.

Long, straight, curtain bangs

Another straight style (long hair is great for round faces), but this time one that features carefully-cut long curtain bangs that are tapered at the jaw line to balance out your facial proportions.

Layered long bob

Round face shapes need to be careful with layers. Too short, and they add volume at the sides, making your face look even rounder. Cut on or just under the jaw line, however, soft layers can harmonize the face to perfection.

Long waves

Waves, rather than curls, are great for thinning round-shaped faces. Curls only serve to emphasize the roundness, whereas waves deflect and encourage the eye to travel down the lengths. The glossier your waves, the better, so we recommend using a styling cream like Waves Fatales from the Hollywood Waves collection.

High messy chignon

The higher-up and bigger your hairstyle, the more your face will appear elongated, which is why a topknot or messy chignon right on the top of your head is the ideal updo that stretches the appearance of your face. For a modern matte finish, apply some dry hair shampoo to the lengths before styling. We love Super Dust from Tecni.ART.

Loose side braid

The art of distraction is how this style works for round faces. The different sections of hair woven around one another lead the eye down the face and neck, distracting from the natural shape of the face. Keep a few strands of hair loose around your face: tight, pulled-back hair will merely emphasize its roundness.


If you're truly the antithesis of a wallflower, and enjoy the element of surprise when it comes to your personal style, a pompadour hairstyle might be perfect for you. With ultra short, even shaved, sides and a bold mohawk, all the focus is drawn upwards – thinning your face. A pompadour looks its best when the mohawk is bright and colorful, so why not get creative and try the new #Colorfulhair service from L'Oréal Professionnel? A vast range of temporary hair colors that can be combined in almost unlimited ways awaits you.

Celebrate your beautifully round face with the most flattering hairstyles. The only challenge is in choosing which one!

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