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3 reasons to love the iconic bob

We've seen it in all shapes and sizes - long, short, frizzy, with or without bangs. Put simply, the bob is the most versatile of cuts and that's why we love it!

1. It's a classic

The bob is an iconic cut, but this is one style that never goes out of style. Timeless, it's always current, being reinvented with every generation. Whether you turn to modern day star Victoria Beckham or 1930's poster girl Louise Brooks for inspiration, the bob is a true classic that's here to stay.

2. It suits all face shapes

The classic bob is a universal cut that simply suits everyone! Whatever your face shape, you can find a bob that will work wonders. The best bob for round faces? A straight cut at collarbone or chin level. Got a long face? Go for a lob (long bob) and add bangs to keep the balance. Favour a fringe? Bobs work with all manner of bangs – from blunt to floaty, and even baby bangs. Not sure which is right for you?

Check in with your L'Oréal Professionnel stylist, who can give you a full style consultation to get the balance in your bob.

3. It works with straight hair or with curls

With curls, it's sometimes tricky to know what works. The good news is that the bob works, waves and all! The shorter the bob, the more volume, which is great news for a 'squarer' face shape. And, it's a great way to keep wild, curly hair in check, giving it structure and ultimately great texture. More of a wave than a curl? No problem, the layered bob works a treat too. It's even got its own nickname – the 'wob'! To style without hassle, L'Oréal Bouncy & Tender styling cream by Tecni.ART has come up with a Dual Stylers range, a 2 in 1 blow-dry gel-creams for shiny, smooth and beautifully defined curls.

Bob, lob, wob or sob(!), brave the chop and try out a shorter style for immediate impact.

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