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  • #ColorfulHair Pastels: Peach vs. Pink Hair

#ColorfulHair Pastels: Peach vs. Pink Hair

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#Colorfulhair : Peach vs Pink

Colourful hair is all the rage right now – especially warmer vibrant pastel colours. In this article we look at peach and pink locks to see which might work for you!

Peach Hair

The colour:

With the advent of blorange, blondey orange shades are becoming ever more popular when it comes to hair colour. Peach hair fits into this category and is that gorgeous blush shade between light pink and orange. It also can contain copper red and pinkish undertones.

The style:

This pastel colour is extremely popular with the fashion elite and beauty bloggers right now, and is a great way to ease into the pastel trend, by adding a little or a lot of tint to your hair. If you want to stay ahead of the curve we'd recommend rushing into your nearest salon to get your perfect peach now, as this vibrant pastel colour will not be considered unique for much longer!

Pink Hair

The colour:

Pink hair was brought to the attention of the public by one particular aptly named female pop singer in the 90's, and has continued to gain popularity from there! From bubble-gum neon candy shades to the lighter versions of rosé and fairy floss all over Instagram today, pink hair is still going strong.

The style:

This colour is still considered inherently feminine in 2017, making many girls think of their childhood years. Pink hair is a great way to soften even the edgiest of outfits, or you could even pair this colour with a graphic pixie cut to completely juxtapose two types of styles in one look!

What the editors say about pink and peach:

Pink and peach hair typically suits those with fair skin and cool undertones, though with their increasing popularity we've seen a range of ethnicities pull off these colours spectacularly. They are both great colours to choose if you have naturally blonde hair, as you'll find it relatively easy to get the exact shade you want. If you have brown to black hair however, things will get a little trickier and you'll need to talk to your salon colourist about lightening your hair before attempting to add the dye.

If you're ready to get crazy with colour, talk to your nearest salon about using L'Oréal Professionnel new #ColorfulHair shades a great way to explore infinite colour possibilities!

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