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Trend alert! Root beer hair color is here and just in time for 2018!

If you like to keep up with hair color trends, you may have already heard of geode, cream soda, pumpkin spice and rose quartz... but what about root beer?! Our hair color trend-spotters have reported in, and the word on the street is that 2018 will be all about rippling shades of root beer. This deserves a closer look!

What is root beer hair color?

To put it simply, root beer is a combination of warm highlights and lowlights on brunette hair: from caramels to deep chocolate tones, positioned carefully by your hair stylist to give a flattering and natural-looking overall look that will keep you warm through winter.

How should I style root beer hair?

A well-created root beer hair color will hold its own in any hairstyle. However, to truly show off your stylist's hard work, piecey waves are a favorite. This is because the light plays off the different angles, and really showcases the colors. Try the Siren Waves cream from the Hollywood Waves collection, which helps define and hold waves in place, even on naturally straight hair!

Should I get root beer hair?

The warm hues involved in root beer hair are flattering on a wide variety of skin tones. Plus, because the colors are positioned to look natural, it's actually a very low-maintenance style. It's a great option for brunettes who often feel that most hair trends are for lighter hair colors. Lastly, because the color combinations are tailored to each individual, there's no need to worry about bumping into someone with exactly the same look!

Our conclusion: root beer hair is the perfect shade for moving through autumn into winter.

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