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The coolest hairstyles to copy from the TV show Vikings

Part two of the show's fourth season is on its way! Hair Trend News takes a look back at the most incredible braids, ponytails and undercuts from Vikings: the ultimate hairstyle inspiration for guys and gals!

The TV show Vikings aims to be as historically accurate as possible, but we can't help but notice just how on trend some of the show's hairstyles happen to be! For both men and women, the show's epic hairstyles feature some of today's edgiest and most beautiful trends.

From man buns and undercuts to a myriad of textured mini and maxi braids, the hit show's stylists create looks that are striking and eye-grabbing, with plenty of attention to detail. Get inspired by some of our favorite styles from Vikings...

Porrun's undercut with mini-braid details

Ragnar's mini-braid ponytail with undercut

Aslaug's loose maxi-braid

Juliet's romantic half-braid

Torvi's braided high ponytail with XXL volume

Rollo's half-up ponytail

Helga's bohemian waves with mini-braids

Kwenthrith's long waves with half braid

Björn's undercut

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