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The bowl cut: for a graphic, boyish allure

The expression "bowl cut" inevitably evokes a smile, taking us back to childhood photographs and their old-fashioned charm. But nowadays the look is a far cry from a monastic silhouette that borders on caricature... Graphic and refined, the contemporary bowl cut is the symbol of innovative (hair)style.

A breath of fresh air for hair

Short and with bangs, this edgy cropped cut is a new go-to look. While it might have been reserved for children in the past, it's back in fashion's good books (with a bang!) thanks to current trends. With the neck exposed, the face framed and volume guaranteed, this look is synonymous with confidence and modernity.

A haircut for the brave

According to Denis Holbecq, hairdresser for L'Oréal Professionnel, the bowl cut "gives energy to square-, triangle- and oval-shaped faces" and is "exclusively reserved for brunettes." Be careful, however, if you decide to take up the challenge. You have to be able to own this look 100%: a princely composure and a well-honed wardrobe are essential to pull it off.

The importance of styling

Based on what appears to be unanimity among hair stylists backstage at fashion runways, the bowl cut is back. But, in order to climb the style ranks, it has had to evolve. Forget the exaggerated cut, curving inwards and almost fixed in place (think Adam Rich in Eight is Enough); instead the style has lightened up, for a messy-chic effect. Your stylist can even take things up a notch by freeing up a few flyaway locks.

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