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The best of both worlds: half braid your hair this holiday season

Braided or loose hair? Loose or braided hair? The dilemma is over: you can have both with this edgy half-braided hairstyle! Here's how you can get the look...

This half-braided hairstyle gives any look a major dose of urban chic, and is surprisingly easy to recreate. You just need the right tools and styling products...

Start with natural-looking volume

Start by giving your hair some natural volume right out of the shower so that the loose sections don't fall flat. Try the Volumetry shampoo and conditioner from Serie Expert, and blow dry hair on a cool setting with the added style of the classic hair flip. When you flip it back after drying, it'll have instant volume!

Expert tip n.1: The Volumetry collection also contains an anti-gravity root spray if your hair needs a little extra help to stay big throughout the day. It's perfect for naturally fine hair, and doesn't leave any sticky residue on the roots.

How to easily create your braids

To style, separate hair into a center (or just-off-center) part using a tail comb. Take the hair from one side of the head and tie up and out of the way.

Next, comb forward a 3cm-wide section at the front of your head and French braid it down the scalp towards the ear, securing with a transparent elastic at the ends.

Repeat with another section of hair just behind, and so on until you have as many braids as you like – three is usually enough to cover half the head. Release the tied-up hair and tousle with fingertips to finish.

Expert tip n.2: Before styling, sprayhair with a texturizing product like Wild Stylers Crêpage de Chignon hairspray, which will give texture and hold, ensuring your braids don't slip out. Apply it all over the hair for an urban, matte finish.

Don't waste time deciding between these two on-trend styles, get the best of both worlds with this gorgeous half braid.

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