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The 5 best street style hair looks from fashion week

The messy top knot The curly pixie cut The ombré copper waves The graphic bangs  The wild and crazy curls
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Models and celebrities aren't the only ones who make fashion week such a stylish event! Check out these fashionistas that helped make fashion week that much better with their unique hairstyles.

The messy top knot

Though many fashionistas try to one up each other with original hairstyles in order to be photographed, this effortless messy top knot proves that sometimes simple is actually the way to go. The key to pulling off this look is to have well-conditioned, healthy hair and to use a bit of shine serum before walking out the door.

The curly pixie cut

When we think of the pixie cut, straight hair comes to mind automatically. However this girl proves that curly haired chicks can still rock the look and add a bit of edginess to their everyday style.

The ombré copper waves

We're really enjoying the way these waves add dimension to ombré copper hair. And although the beret is optional, when paired with a leather jacket it's just so Parisian – très chic.

The graphic bangs

Super short baby bangs and long 70s curtain bangs may be trending right now, but straight blunt bangs will remain a timeless classic look that will never go out of style – even if a quick monthly trim at the salon is needed.

The wild and crazy curls

Viktor I, a hairstylist from Brazil for L'Oréal Professionnel told us here at Hair Trend News that natural curls are back in style. Don't be afraid to embrace your hair's natural texture this season and ask your hairstylist for a cut that will really show it off! And don't forget to educate yourself on how to care for curly hair to keep your locks looking shiny and well-defined.

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