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Parting plaits: let's get the part started!

Let your braids create the perfect part, for a stylishly practical urban look...

High glamour

Ultra-precise, flyaway-free Dutch braids can turn a regular low ponytail into a glamorous, head-turning look. A comb is essential to create perfect lines while braiding the hair, and a shine-enhancing fixer like Infinium Hairspray, will give you the necessary hold.

Messy hippie

Braids can also be made messy, not only casually keeping the hair away from your face, but giving you a carefree, 70s-inspired style with wavy lengths. You don't have to worry too much about frizz, but can ensure a natural finish and strong hold by using the Tecni.ART Natural Finish hairspray.

Urban chic

A trio of Dutch braids across the head can create a modern urban look, and are not just stylish, but are also perfect for running from the office to the gym or an evening soirée. Not only that, but when you take your hair out afterwards, you'll be left with wonderful waves!

Sleek attitude

Why not contrast an intriguing plaited part with a dry-textured ponytail in a different color! This can be a great way to show off your ombré hair with this unexpected style. For a textured matte finish, we recommend the Wild Stylers Depolish paste along the lengths and ends of the hair.

The Chameleon

Go from a glamorous red carpet goddess to a don't-mess-with-me businesswoman without changing your hairstyle. Dutch braids give you a clean slate, over which you can decide what kind of wonder-woman you want to be today! Think about teaming your plaited part with striking eye make-up, such as a cat eye with lashings of mascara, and wearing with your everyday work outfit to leave everyone guessing.

On-trend and practical, whether ultra-polished or deliberately flyaway, the plaited part is this season's go-to style!

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