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Natural curls run the world - effortless and relaxed vs. big and bouncy

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How do you like them curls ? Effortless and relax or big and bouncy ?

In today's Match the Look, we invite you to choose the best way to wear natural curls: laid-back and wavy or with XXL volume and bounce for days? We state the case for each below!

Effortlessly relaxed

The hair: Side swept relaxed waves and curls are a great way to add some carefree attitude to your look, whether you're heading to the office or the party. Plus, curls are great for showing off the different color tones in your hair.

The style: It might look like a breeze, but laid-back curls aren't as easy to get right as you may think. Prone to knots, flyaways and frizz, naturally-curly hair can quickly get out of control when left to do its thing. For an easy, breazy, yet under control look, apply the nourishing Bouncy and Tender gel from the Dual Stylers collection before blow-drying.

What the editors say: A great look, but don't forget to keep your curls moisturized! Curly hair can quickly get dry, so use a regular hair mask and focus on the lengths and ends to avoid split ends and frizz.

Big and bouncy curls

The hair: If you have XXL natural curls, why not make the most of them! Perfect for keeping you warm in winter – who needs a scarf?

The style: To truly show off the wonder of your big curls, you need to ensure the volume starts right at the roots. A volumizing shampoo and conditioner like those from the Serie Expert Volumetry range will give you an extra boost. The anti-gravity root spray is also a professional's favorite for big curls!

What the editors say: Big hair can drop throughout the day due to fussing with the curls, temperature and the environment – sometimes you just can't keep your hands off then! An invisible, odor-free hairspray like Infinium Pure from L'Oréal Professionnel will hold them in place with zero residue or tell-tale crunch.

How will you be rocking your curls this season?

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