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Match the look- Wavy hair: long or short?

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Waves: Long or short?

Wavy hair: a hairstyle classic that gives volume and personality to your hair. But do you prefer glamorous long Hollywood waves or fresh and fun shorter ones? That's the all-important question for today's Match the Look!

Lusciously long waves

The hairstyle: Long blond waves sweeping over the face for a flirty and confident look that curves around the contours of your face – what's not to love!

The color: Keep the focus on your waves entirely with a clean blonde shade that borders on this season's hottest color, beige blond. Or, why not turn the intensity up a notch and opt for a striking platinum look.

What the editors say: Embrace the natural glamour of long waves and keep your hair looking luscious and lively! When it comes to maintaining naturally shiny locks, we recommend using a few drops of the Lumino Contrast serum from the Serie Expert haircare collection. Apply using your palms and run down the lengths and straight to the ends on damp hair before blow-drying.

Sassy short waves

The hairstyle: Short waves are a more resolutely modern take on classic long waves, especially when styled in slightly piecey, textured sections at the ends.

The color: We love our roots these days! Forget running to the salon to get a touch-up every time a darker shade peeks through – this season is about rocking shadow roots for a carefree, low maintenance look that's perfect for summer.

What the editors say: Wavy, textured hair is easy to achieve, even at home, with the right know-how. Leave damp hair in 2 loose braids overnight for instant waves in the morning, then texturize with the Powder-in-lotion mineral spray by Wild Stylers - ideal for creating tousled, wavy layers without any unnatural-feeling crunchiness!

Long or shorter waves, which one's for you?

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