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Match the look: sleek vs. curly bob

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Match the look: sleek vs. curly bob.

Bobs used to have a reputation for lacking in variety. What could you do with short hair? These days, however, the bob is one of the most versatile hairstyles in town, as these two polar opposites prove. If you had a bob (maybe you already do!) would you opt for blunt and sleek lines or voluminous messy curls?

Sleek short bob

The style: Brilliantly boyish, the graphic lines of this cut, just under the ears, are a bold statement! This style works best if you want to add definition to your face contours and emphasize a long neck.

The hairstyle: A mid-way point between sleek and natural, this hairstyle uses just enough styling product to get firm hold and shape without losing any of the hair's natural texture. Apply a pea-sized amount of gel like Fix Move from the Tecni.ART line by L'Oréal Professionnel to the front section of the hair, then comb back, leaving the ends free.

What the editors say: It's become our beauty mantra - a successful look is all about contrast. This blunt and boyish hairstyle looks its best when paired with femininity, whether it be through a subtle pink gloss, or a floaty summer dress.

Mid-length curly bob

The style: A breath of fresh hair! Let your hair loose and au naturel with big and messy curls that bounce around your face and draw attention to your beautiful eyes and lips.

The hairstyle: If you don't have naturally curly hair, a perm treatment like Dulcia Advanced can give you natural and modern-looking curls. Otherwise, the 2-in-1 blow-dry gel-cream Bouncy and Tender by Dual Stylers, applied before drying with a diffuser, is a must for soft, non-crunchy curly texture.

What the editors say: Embrace the natural beauty of curls with your make-up and/or outfit. We love a crisp white shirt that can transition from day to night, and a barely-there make-up look with a rosy glow. Naturally gorgeous!

Which beautiful bob has you nodding your head to this season?

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