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Match the Look- Short bob vs. lob

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It's time to play Match the Look! Today's hairstyle conundrum is a toss-up between a chic yet youthful bob and a warm, summery lob (long bob). Long or short, the choice is up to you!

Paris sophistication: the short wavy bob

The hairstyle: There's a real French vibe in both these hairstyles, but you can't get much more "Parisian chic" than a natural-looking brunette bob that curls at the jaw line to create a sweet, youthful effect.

The color: A natural chocolate brunette shade is a key part in achieving that natural French beauty look, emphasizing dark brows and a barely-there make-up look. Wear, of course.

What the editors say: A slightly wavy bob like this one puts an instant spring in your step. For natural-looking tousles, we recommend styling with the French Girl Hair line by Tecni.ART: Messy Cliché hairspray on thin hair, and French Froissé cream on thicker hair.

French Riviera: the glossy sunkissed lob

The hairstyle: Light, airy and ideal for summer, the lob is a way of lifting your look without getting too serious with the scissors. It's also an option for girls growing out their bobs in preparation for fall.

The color: You've been yachting around the Côte d'Azur so, of course, your French brunette hair has been lifted with some sunny gold tones. To get the look without leaving the country, ask your hair colorist for a brunette balayage using warm caramel browns.

What the editors say: A lob is one of our favorite looks for summer – it has the length to show off color variations, while remaining short and light on the shoulders. A shine-enhancing oil like Huile Scintillante from the Mythic Oil collection will give your hair shine and shimmer, perfect for summer jet setting!

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