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Match the look- Ponytails: Flying Solo or Seeing Double?

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Single or double ponytail?

The word "ponytail" to describe the tied-up technique of styling hair may have only have been first recorded in 1916, according to Merriam Webster, but this unisex hairstyle has existed long, long before then.

Fast-forward to today, and our Match the Look challenge for you is whether or not the historic ponytail is better solo or as part of a pair... Cast your votes now!

Solo ponytail

The style: Nothing beats a sleek, glossy ponytail when it comes to glamorous hairstyles that are practical for both work and play. You can recreate the high-shine finish to this look by using a hair oil like the Huile Radiance from the Mythic Oil collection by L'Oréal Professionnel. Apply a few drops to your palms and spread down the lengths and ends of the hair.

The look: Because a super slick ponytail can border on the austere, you have the perfect opportunity to inject some fun into your look with accessories and your outfit! Playing with matte textures to contrast with high-shine hair can also take your look up a level.

What the editors say: Elastics are so passé, at least when they're visible. Before tying up your hair, take a section from beneath and keep aside. You can then use this piece of hair to wrap around the and hide the elastic, tucking in the ends at the back of the ponytail.

Double ponytail

The style: Fun and flirty, the double ponytail takes us back to our past without being cliché. Keep them low, though, otherwise you risk literally channeling the inner child. When they're pulled in front of the shoulders, they also showcase your hair color – is it time for a new shade?

The look: Keep the look young without veering into elementary school territory through your outfit and makeup. Casual, light lipstick and a fresh-faced complexion combined with a laid-back urban outfit bring the hairstyle up to the present day.

What the editors say: Why not use the same elastic-hiding technique on your double ponytail? A couple of discreet bobby pins can also help keep the hair in place at the back.

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