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Match the Look- Pink hair: vivid vs pastel

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Vivid vs pastel

We don't need to be convinced any longer, we know it, like 2+2 =4, pink rocks. But, the equation giving us more to chew over is – vivid or pastel? Which are you?

Vote vivid!

The style: So bold and so striking, this vivid fuchsia pink is a crowd pleaser. You'll need heaps of style and attitude to pull it off but it really works. There are no limits any more, and the bolder you go, the better.

The hairstyle: Got to love this cleo-cut, the ultimate bob with bangs, it's a classic do that works wonders with the color giving it an ultra-hip and modern update.

What the editors say: Keep the accessories to a minimum, and the cut classic, the color does all the talking!

Prefer Pastel?

The style: A lob, or longer bob, down to the shoulders – it's a traditional, easy to wear style for most. Democratic, it's perfectly paired with a softer, pastel pink for those who can't quite take the giant leap for their kind.

The hairstyle: Simply styled with a little gel or mousse, this low maintenance cut is best worn chilled and without any airs and graces. The best news? Thanks to L'Oréal Professionnel #colorfulhair you can choose one of thousands of pink tones thanks to the 8 color palette and its many combinations! And if you aren't sure, and want to change your mind, it's just 15 washes to forget about it.

What the editors say: A statement without going overboard, the pastel pink says 'I take risks but I prefer to do it quietly' and the classic shaggy 'lob' keeps things cool.

What's your Fall favourite? The pretty pastel or the vivacious and foxy fuchsia?

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