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Match The Look: Colored Hair Buns - Big 1 or 2 Small?

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1 or 2 buns?

Show off all the glory of your colored hair by pulling it up into a bun, intensifying the tonal effect and focusing the attention firmly on your hair. The question is, should you opt for a big, chic, single bun, or two, cute, messy ones? We let you decide...

One Big Bun

The hairstyle: a chic XXL ballet bun has multiple qualities: it lengthens the body and face by adding height, showing off the neck and collar bones; it puts your color on full display, like a beacon; and it keeps hair out of the way whilst staying on-trend in these hot summer months.

The Style: a few flyaways aren't the end of the world; this is a summer style after all. Balancing out the bun with your facial proportions can be done easily with a large, chunky pair of glasses.

What the editors say: we love how this colored hair bun clashes in a playfully with a bright fuchsia coat, and the contrasting hair color creates the illusion of a city skyline.

Two Cute Buns

The hairstyle: inspired by Gwen Stefani and other celebrities during the nineties, double buns (aka Space buns) are a cute way of casually showing off your hair color, contrasting with those natural hues.

The Style: messy buns take a few seconds to create, so they're ideal for the summer music festival season, hiding unwashed hair and showcasing your pastel locks. Just tie two high ponytails and loosely wrap them around themselves before tucking in the ends at the base.

What the editors say: during the festival season, a quick way to boost your volume and remove excess grease is to use a dry shampoo like the Morning After Dust powder by Tecni.ART on the roots, tousling until invisible.

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