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Match the look- Buns: Sky High vs. Laid-back Low

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Buns: High or low?

Go high or stay low, that's the question for today's Match the Look, where we're talking best buns. Are you more of a high achiever or a low-key lady? Make your choice here!

The Sky-High Bun

The style: A high messy bun, or topknot, instantly adds height and elegance to any silhouette. While the hair slicked back, the bun itself can go as big as you desire. This glossy, looser version is great for an everyday look, achieved simply by pulling hair into a high ponytail, then tucking the ends over and through the elastic. The more messy bits the better!

The color: A high bun is ideal for showing off your color, especially if you have several shades to your hair. Keep the color glossy and healthy-looking by using a hair serum like the Lumino Contrast hair serum from Serie Expert after shampooing and conditioning. Only a few drops on the lengths and ends are necessary for an ultimate shine!

What the editors say: The topknot can go from chic and sophisticated to fun and flirty in the drop of a hat. For work, a neat high topknot is perfect for a professional look, which can later be loosened and given volume and texture using the Super Dust Powder by Tecni.ART – ideal for an after-work evening out.

The Laid-back Low Bun

The style: The low bun might be laid-back, even demure, but this is what gives it a certain "Parisian chic" quality. Add a little attitude by applying a small amount of wet-look gel like Aqua Gloss by Tecni.ART on the roots and combing through the top section of hair before tying the lengths into a sweet and short low bun.

The color: A glossy top is a great way to make block-colored hair really stand out. This French chocolate brown looks deliciously shiny, its warm hues a lovely contrast with the cool gloss.

What the editors say: Mid-length hair has its tied-up solution in a low bun, giving the impression of longer locks. With the hair pulled away from the face, the complexion is on full display – a great excuse for some statement jewelry and chic shades!

High or low, low or high, what's your style choice for today's buns?

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