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Match the Look- Beautiful buns: braided or bejewelled?

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Braided bun or bejewelled one?

Buns are hot as ever, but recently there's been a twist to this stye. To update the classic bun, the fashion conscious are braiding them and be-jewelling them. So which is your favourite way to beautify your bun?

Braided Bun

The style: This contoured chignon look is smart with a few little twists. Update your basic bun by making it braided, keeping your style relaxed and sophisticated in the height of elegance.

The hairstyle: For the best of both worlds, go for a half up half down braided bun. Quick and easy to pull off, part the hair to keep the bottom long and loose while tying the top half of your hair in a perfect ponytail. Plait to your hearts content and wrap around, tucking it under to keep the braided bun on full show. For maximum impact, keep hair looking healthy and glossy with L'Oréal Pro Fiber Recovering masque - whatever the style. Need to keep those rebel strands in check? Add a quick spritz of L'Oréal Infinium Pure (available in salons) for perfect, natural-looking yet strong hold.

What the editors say: Unusual and a little quirky, it's a great way to update the classic chignon for an easy-breezy look.

Jewel-tastic: The bling bun

The style: Elegant and glamorous, a bejewelled accessory is just the thing to boost your bun; giving it a modern, glam and stylish look.

The hairstyle: The classic ponytail twisted into a bun on the low side, this is one do that can be achieved with your eyes shut! Even better, adding the jewelry is child's play. Go as eccentric or glitzy as you like, as a messy bun tones the effect down, getting the balance of smart and casual just right.

What the editors say: Royalty-worthy! We love the simple bun with this added bling. Use a pin, clip or sparkling tiara-type headgear to jazz up the most basic of buns in an instant!

What's your fall favourite? The braided knot bun or the princess sparkling accessory?

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