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Low Ponytail: Long vs Short

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Short or long ponytail? What would it be?

So, what's your ponytail of choice? The longer, low slung tail for a casual mane, or the short, funky kabuki brush inspired version when rocking a shorter crop? The most versatile of hairdos works whatever your hair length, the question is, which do you prefer? Vote for the one you think is hot to trot!

Swing low

Laid back, relaxed and no hassle, the longer low ponytail does the job at keeping hair tied up, out of your eyes and looking casual. It says you're low maintenance, that you're practical and that you're super chilled out! However, although this trend looks like a casual quick up do, it's also hip and gives an elegant silhouette. It works in all settings, casual or smart, and can be jazzed up with an accessory, preferably a long ribbon bow for a little romance.

Short and sweet

If your hair is somewhat shorter, you can still rock the ponytail. A shorter, funkier version, this is an all together edgier look. More contemporary, the sharp edges say you mean business. Far from the floaty, ethereal, longer ponytails, their shorter sisters are all about functionality. Got a short bob? Remember to use a couple of slides or clips to fix any flyaways that don't quite make to the elastic band. A quick fixing spray like L'Oreal Shower Shine styling spray can be the perfect finishing touch to add a touch of on-trend 'wet look' shine.


The great news is that both ponytails work whatever the occasion! There's definitely a different vibe to each of them, but the choice will make itself, with the length of your hair taking the reins. Whether it's a VIP meeting or date night, the ponytail, long or short, is one of our very favourite go-to-dos.

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