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Instagram's hottest back to school braids

Whether you're actually going back to school or more into channeling the look, Instagram is a rich source of back-to-school braid inspiration. But forget prim schoolgirl pigtails, these looks are modern, urban and with a dose of attitude that might get you in trouble with the teacher...

The mathematics of braiding

Get your calculators out, we're talking about 2 braids created using 3 sections each and braided up to exactly the (square) roots. The answer? A lighthearted, urban take on traditional pigtails. A few flyaways are more than welcome, and we recommend this style especially for those calculating the precise formula of hair color gradients, as the texture of these braids shows off any color transition to perfection.

Hairstyle chemistry

Dutch braids meet the messy bun and surfer-girl waves in this triple-threat look. The precise braiding contrasts perfectly with the relaxed nature of the bun and lengths. Forget worrying about darker roots, this summer it's all about back-to-school color gradients that show off sunkissed locks and professional hair styling.

Sporty style class

Fists up, it's time for some hairstyle education. Don't worry, there's no beat-down here, these sleek, don't-mess-with-me boxing braids are not only easy to achieve but they transition perfectly from the classroom to the gym. A little spritz of Infinium Pure hairspray will ensure your braids stay in place, whether you're in the ring or on the dance floor.

A happy hippie lesson

Summer, sensuality and free-spiritedness are encapsulated in this fun and flirty style. The relaxed side braid adds texture and intrigue to beachy waves, which you can create at home using the Beach Waves hairspray by Wild Stylers. Alternatively, for waves that last through summer and into the school term, ask your L'Oréal Professionnel hair stylist about the long-lasting Beach Waves perm, which gives up to 8 weeks of back-from-beach bounce!

End-of-year report: full marks to the braid brigade!

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