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Guys, brighten up your winter with a dose of #colorfulhair

Everything the girls do, the guys can too. Time to brighten up that winter hair lads!

Cool Corals

Thanks to L'Oréal Professionnel #colorfulhair, guys can pick from any color of the rainbow – or almost! With 1000s of bespoke colours from Hypnotic Magenta to Electric Purple, it's just about how far you want to go.

We recommend Sunset Coral to warm up any look or cut, and if you think it's too intense dial it down with Crystal Clear creating a more pastel tone. A little red, a little orange, a little pink – it's the perfect warming combination.

Not so mellow yellow

For those who dare the most vibrant shades and the hottest colour variants, bringing some serious summer to the drab winter days, take inspiration straight from the sunshine with Yellow Sun. The zestiest, brightest of colours, it brings light and zing to any style. Unapologetic and full of promise, it's hot and it's bright and it's future proof too.

Boy Blues

Take a look at Hair stylist Jason Lee Preston in Paris. Rocking the boy blues, we love his take on the Mohican with extra azure. Matching shades give it even more kudos.

Follow in his footsteps with L'Oréal Professionnel #colorfulhair's Navy Blue and a touch of Caribbean Blue. Not so sure? Don't sweat it. The gentle formula washes out after 15 shampoos, so you can go for a daring colorful makeover without making it for the long haul. No hassle, no commitment. What's not to love? Embrace that rainbow and try something new for 2018!

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