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Gel your hair down Vs let it loose with the crimp

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Looking for a hair accessory for NYE ? No need, your hair well be enough ! Let us explain.

The only accessory you need this NYE is your hair! Forget worrying about your New Year's Eve outfit – why not stand out from the crowd with a unique, runway-inspired hairstyle!

This Match the Look is all about choosing which of these two show-stopping styles will see you into the new year... Styling your baby hairs for art deco look or rocking a 90s crimp? Ditch your accessories and let your hair do the talking!

Art deco baby hairs

The hair: Texture and control are the key words behind this seemingly messy look, a more artsy version of the classic wet look. Controlled curls give contrast and shine on the lengths, and really show off your hair color.

The style: Whatever your hair type, you'll need some styling gel for this look, especially on the baby hairs. Apply Aqua Gloss by Tecni.Art to damp hair, and twist small sections around your finger while blow-drying to create cute curls. Finish with a spritz of Elnett fixing hairspray and flatten onto the forehead.

What the editors say: Called "baby hairs" because many women have short, curly wisps of hair along the forehead line, they've become a recent popular runway look. Styled like this, across the forehead, they are a cute and creative alternative to bangs.

90s crimped hair

The hair: This look is a really good option if you're rocking a monochrome color or have naturally thin hair, as the crimped sections play with the light and add depth. Ensure hair is naturally glossy and healthy pre-styling with a nourishing shampoo and conditioner.

The style: How can you have an interesting texture but still wear super sleek hair? This is how! Remember to always apply heat protectant when using heated tools like a hair crimper or hot iron. A professional favorite is the Pli styling spray by Tecni.Art.

What the editors say: Yes, we're still loving Nineties' fashion and beauty trends! For thin or sparse hair types, get some volume on the lengths by using Super Dust by Tecni.Art. L'Oréal Professionnel's #Trendincubator recommends the following three steps:

1. Shake before use and then sprinkle powder into the palm of your hand.
2. Apply to dry hair through the lengths and ends to give hair volume.
3. For more volume, apply directly to the roots, shaking container 1 cm from the scalp.

Vote for your favorite NYE hairstyle!

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