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Fire up your red hair color this winter

Forget the cold weather outside and warm up your look with smoldering red hair. Here, we look at how to get the perfect shade of red and keep it that way. Feel the temperature rise!

Choosing your red hair color

Red hair color exists in multiple shades: strawberry blonde, auburn, copper, ginger, cherry, rose gold, ruby red... the list goes on and on! To find the most flattering shade for you, choose a color that matches your skin tone: warm, neutral or cool. Copper, ginger and auburn, for example, have warm hues to them, so look great on peachy or golden-toned skin. Cherry, rose gold and burgundy, however, have cool hues, so look gorgeous on skin with green/blue undertones. Don't forget your eye color either – green eyes really pop against bright reds, while brown eyes are stunning on rich dark reds, and blue eyes look great with almost any shade.

Get creative with red

Why stick to one shade of red when you could have several? The new #colorfulhair service at L'Oréal Professionnel offers you the chance to create a bespoke, one-of-a kind look from a wide variety of shades that can be mixed together for the perfect red (or reds). Think bright cherry streaks, dark plum tips, or rose-gold ombré – fire up your imagination! The color lasts for up to 15 washes, and the #colorfulhair service offers a color-removal treatment too, so there's no pressure; you can try whatever colors and style you like!

Stay smoldering: red haircare

Red hair needs to stay nourished, so we recommend introducing a regular Powermix hair mask from the Serie Expert haircare range. Each mix caters for different hair needs, and there's one specifically formulated for color protection (Powermix Color) to ensure your red stays vibrant for longer. Try the collection's shampoo and conditioner too, for even more color protection and healthy-looking hair.

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