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Fashion Week: 4 easy long-hair hairstyles anyone can pull off

Fashion Week isn't all about the's also a great source of hairstyle inspiration, and not just for wild, out-there looks. We've found four styles for long hair that are hot and hassle-free!

Up and down

Ignore the Mother-of-Dragons-inspired white blond hair, and focus on the model's chic and put-together hairstyle, a new take on half-up hair. Leave a few strands down by the sides of your face to soften the look, and drape the lengths over your shoulders.

Sunkissed colour

Not all of our top hairstyles are spotted on the catwalk. We found this lovely lady looking busy but beautiful with picture-perfect sunkissed hair. These days, there are a multitude of techniques to achieve perfectly highlighted hair: from strobing to contouring and traditional balayage. You don't even have to go to the salon for your locks to look their best: the Color Glow Oil from the L'Oréal Professionnel Mythic Oil line give maximum shine and brings out your hair colour.

Making waves

Those flaming blunt mid-length locks are for another day. For now, we're focusing on those fiery long waves on the right. Our tip for copying this style is to use your curling irons on the lower section of hair. Don't hold them in for too long, as you're only after loose waves, and don't forget to use heat protection!

Blunt bangs, piecey ends

The blunt fringe can look a little intense, so use your long hair to soften the look and ask your stylist to cut your ends in piecey layers. You could even opt for some subtle colour right at the tips to show off your long locks, or simply work in some Color Glow Oil to the lengths in order to emphasise the colour and shine.

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