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Couple cuts - yay or nay?

Although we're in two minds about matchy-matchy hair for couples, the good news is that there is definitely space for sharing a few products on that bathroom shelf...

To match or not to match

You're in love. It's a match made in heaven. We get it! But, the jury's still out on matching hair for couples. Too cute? Or a real love statement? There is clearly an upside to sharing a do, aside from the photo opps, especially as it's easier to fix than a tattoo if all goes awry. Do you copy his baby bangs, match her chocolate locks, or both sport a bun? Anything's possible, but let's face it, it's hard to pull off. And, individuality matters...


What's mine is yours, yours in mine... bla bla bla... Except that when it comes down to bathroom shelf space it's good to share a few products! Even if he's low maintenance he'll love the l'Homme range for men, and you can pinch some of that ultra-cool Poker Paste to construct, define and fix your style! Win. Win. Another good one to share - L'Oréal Professionnel Tecni Art Morning After Dust, dry shampoo: a revolution to revive your hair style with a fresh feel. A sure-fire hit, whatever team you bat for.

Treat for Two

So, it's the weekend, and it's time for a treat. Thing is your other half says you spend too long in the bathroom faffing... Again! Solution? Get them involved! Introduce their locks to your . Ideal for normal and dry hair, it's all about making your hair glossy, soft, and supple looking. With argan, avocado and black cumin, what's not to love? Now here's something we can all get with. Girls and boys - regardless of your cut!

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