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Braid update – 4 ways to leave 'em loose

Update your braid by letting it loose!Remember when braids used to be limited to schoolgirl styles, tied tight either side of the head? Now, the braid is having its own revolution, rebelling against conventions in loose, solo, one-sided versions. Here are four of our favorites!

Side fishtail braid with waves

Ultra-pretty, this side fishtail is playful and loose, with feminine waves and a center part framing the face. The fishtail braiding technique involves using two strands (instead of three) and taking a small section from the outside of each as you braid them together. Don't worry about the sections not being even, or if there are a few flyaways, that's what this loose look is all about! Remember to pull a few sections free at the sides for ultimate effortless chic.

Side rope braid with side part

The rope braid is the ultimate loose braid style. Take a section of hair in each hand and twist it around the index finger. Next, wrap the two twisted sections around one another right down to the tips before securing with an elastic. We recommend you apply a small amount of styling paste like Tecni.Art's Web to your palms to add hold while you twist the sections. Finish with a natural-effect hairspray (that still provides long-lasting hold) like Natural Finish by Tecni.ART.

Platinum messy fishtail braid

This fishtail is created using the same technique as our first fishtail, but here there's even more messiness, and we've a platinum version to enjoy! Platinum hair has been one of the season's biggest hair color trends ever since a certain Mother of Dragons came to our TV screens. We also hear she's a fan of the fishtail too...

Long voluminous messy braid

The regular braiding technique gets messy, and we love it! If you're not so talented at the fishtail method, and don't have time to go to your local salon, you can still stick with the traditional braid, but extra-loose and over to one side. Use a tooth-comb to pull out sections after braiding, for a relaxed hippie-chic vibe.

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