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Beach hairstyles: pro tips for protecting your blond hair in the sun

There's no better time than the summer to show off your blond hair, but it's also the season where you have to be the most careful not to cause damage or discoloration. Over-exposure to the sun's rays can cause your precious blond hues to fade, and the hair fiber to become weakened. The result: limp and lackluster dull

Before you hit the beach

Make sure your hair is ready for the rays by applying a protective spray before exposure, much like you would a heat protectant before styling. The Solar Sublime spray is a leave-in treatment that can be spritzed over damp or dry hair to provide sun protection thanks to the UV absorbing formula Mexoryl.

After a day in the sun

Wash out a day's worth of buildup, including salt, sand and chlorine by using the Solar Sublime Shampoo , which restores hair after the drying effects of the sun, and infuses it with vitamin E derivative, Mexoryl and Glycerin - so you can get back to the beach tomorrow with glossy, healthy hair! If your locks are feeling particularly sun-worn, a regular mask can do the world of good. We recommend the Solar Sublime Masque , the equivalent of an after-sun for hair. Creamy and luxurious, this balm provides intense nourishment for parched hair.

What to watch out for

Blondes have to be particularly careful about color fade-out and discoloration when on vacation, and one of the major culprits is the pool. The traces of metal in pools' purification filters – copper in particular - can sometimes cause blond hair to turn a tinge of green. To avoid this, wet your hair with clean water before diving in the pool, and take a good shower (ideally with shampoo) as soon as possible afterwards to prevent deposits building up.

Now go and be a beautiful blonde beach babe, and happy vacation!

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