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A smooth bob: a chic and timeless hairstyle

The smooth bob isn't a plain Jane: it can really flourish on straight hair. Forget strict and severe-looking, it can be refined and flexible. This style hasn't made it onto the red carpet numerous times for nothing... Let's take a closer look at this timeless classic made famous by it-girls around the world.

A smooth bob is just the job!

Sure, the bob is a geometric shape invented by man, with only the curves provided by nature. But, despite its clean and refined form, it's not entirely "artificial"-looking. A confident cut, the bob is both floaty and defined, with the shape bringing a touch of femininity; delicately emphasizing the neck and jaw-line.

A bob: the perfect compromise between short and long

For those who are after the fresh effect of a pixie without losing too much length, a bob is ideal. Its smooth version, which suits blondes as much as brunettes, brings texture and volume to fine hair. Plus, a bob can be transformed by a stylist into waves or curls, for even more glamour!

Smooth, but not flat

The complicated aspect about a smooth bob, which is also where its appeal lies, is maintaining volume while staying smooth. So, forget your square roots, and instead focus on a cubic cut! To give shape to this style, L'Oréal Professionnel stylist ambassador Denis Holbecq recommends applying a small amount of Full Volume Extra before blow-drying.

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