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90s hairstyles to adopt!

We might be approaching 2020, but 90s hairstyles have never been so on-trend!

Side-swept waves

Think Cindy Crawford, or Drew Barrymore before she had her hair cut short, side-swept tousled waves were all over the media back in the nineties. In today's hair trends, the style sticks to its roots but is sleeker and glossier, showing off some clever colorations such as ombré, balayage or even draping color trends.

Try using Siren Waves cream by Tecni.Art to sculpt and revive hair, giving a glossy Hollywood glam that will put all eyes on you!

Thin accent braids

Accent braids are braids you don't necessarily need in your hairstyle, but which add a certain "je ne sais quoi"... from texture to playfulness and/or a hippie vibe. Easy as pie to create, they're a great option for summer when you want to keep flyaway's out of your face. Plus, when you take them out you will be fortunate enough to channel another cult nineties hairstyle, crimped hair!

Ensure your hair doesn't get tangled and damaged by washing your locks with the protective anti-breakage shampoo and conditioner from the Serie Expert haircare line by L'Oréal Professionnel.

Hair the extreme!

If you needed any more evidence that nineties hairstyles are back in fashion, these Bantu knots are all the proof you need. The model squad might wear them out and about between runway shows, but we're taking them off the catwalk and into the real world!

Whether you go for an all-out bun bonanza or a handful of discreet knots, this look is super easy to recreate at home. Simply separate the hair into as many sections as you choose, then twist the section around itself until it curls naturally into a knot. Secure in place with an elastic band and ensure strong hold with a hairspray like the professionals' favorite Infinium.

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