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4 ways to style your mid-length hair

Mid-length hair needn't be square, in fact, it's the best of both worlds! We've picked four ways to rock it - from relaxed waves to the straightest cut, a bob-tail and double the fun with twin buns, so take your pick!

Lazy Waves

When you're a mid-lengther and you want to play it safe, the wave is where it's at. Trust L'Oréal Professionnel's TECNI.ART Volume Lift mousse for a little extra lift and movement. Supple and light, it's perfect for natural control volume and applied to towel dried hair. Blow-dry those waves in or style with fingers. Who cares about the weather? This winter waves are all the rave!

Twin buns

Twin buns have gone mainstream! Gone are the days you had to be Björk to get away with them, twin buns are up for grabs for all. All you need for this mid-length quirky set up are two tight buns on your crown, a few fly away strands and a little insolence. Model Josephine Skriver shows how it's done at Paris' Balmain show. Yep, today, cute goes a long way.

The Bob-tail

When you're looking for something a notch up from the usual 'standard' ponytail, this 'bob-tail' is just the thing. Check model Nadine Leopold doing her best 'off-duty-model' thing. A little nod to the world of dressage, we love this 'locked up' pony tail all wrapped up in ribbon or a band. It's tight and best fixed into place with L'Oréal Professionnel's Fix Design Tecni.ART hairspray.

The Super straight

Seen at New York Fashion Week. Think smooth and straight. Pop into your L'Oréal Professionnel salon for a trim and make sure those ends are cut in line for a blunt, freshly chopped look.

Don't have naturally poker straight hair and need to fight the frizz? Get a helping hand from L'Oréal Professionnel Fix AntiFrizz Techni.ART for strong hold and anti-frizz protection, even in the rain!

So, it's time to rock your mid-length hair - if you dare.

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